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Vinyl Siding Installation & Repair

Vinyl Siding Services

The condition of the exterior of your home is as important as its interior. Having professionally installed vinyl siding helps to protect your investment from harsh weather conditions and insures that the exterior of your home lasts for years to come. Along with properly installed vinyl siding, having a maintenance plan for your siding can extend the life of your vinyl siding even more. 

At TRB Carpentry, your questions about vinyl siding are important to us. By listening to your needs, we’re able to choose the siding materials that match both your design concept and your budget. Contact us about pricing, we’re happy to supply you with a free estimate. 

Full Service Siding Installation

We offer full service vinyl siding installation. From the newly constructed home, to a small equipment shed, to the small siding repair, TRB Carpentry will make sure that your vinyl installation and repair matches your style and budget. 

Plus, if you need a window or door replaced, fixed or added, our extensive carpentry experience

will insure the job gets done with quality and care. We are meticulous about details, making sure that all the cracks and crevices are sealed tightly. We want your home to be protected from harsh weather conditions and your family to feel comfortable and cosy all year long. 

Some of our vinyl siding installation services. 

  • Siding color match
  • Old siding removal
  • Replacement of vapor wrap
  • Exterior window trimming
  • Soffit replacement
  • Metal fascia systems
  • New construction of vinyl installation

We are Fully Insured

TRB Carpentry is fully insured, which reflects the seriousness of our commitment to you and  reassures you that you are covered incase of an incident. If you need vinyl siding replaced or repaired, give us a call, we travel to where we’re needed. We provide quality vinyl siding installation to clients throughout all of Eastern Maine.

Communication is Key

A job well done, is a job well communicated. TRB Carpentry works hard to keep you in the communication loop. We provide vinyl siding updates, we follow up with you on questions and concerns you may have and we check back with you after the job is finished to make sure all is well. We not only take pride in our carpentry work, we also are proud of how we communicate the construction process. Work with us on your next vinyl siding project and we’ll make it shine. Both your home’s worth and its curb appeal will get a valuable boost.

Praise From Our Clients

We are grateful and proud to receive such high praise from our customers.