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Flooring Installation & Replacement

Custom Flooring

At TRB Carpentry, your ideas are important to us. They help guide us through the process of designing your custom flooring project the way you envision it. Listening to you, helps us choose the flooring materials that match both your design and your budget. Contact us about pricing, we’re happy to supply you with a free estimate. 

Floor Replacement

Depending on the thickness of your old flooring material, TRB Carpentry can cover over it with new tile, laminate or hardwood products. Ceramic tile is the type of existing flooring most frequently removed before installation of new flooring. Ceramic tile flooring tends to be much thicker than other types of flooring products, often making it too thick to lay flooring over. TRB Carpentry will remove your old tile, prep and lay underlayment when needed, then skillfully install your new flooring. You’ll feel the quality of our craftsmanship right under your feet.  

Floor Installation & Refinishing

When it comes to installing a new floor in a newly constructed building, properly preparing the subfloor is essential. The type of flooring materials you choose dictate how the subflooring is built. TRB Carpentry, an experienced subfloor contractor, can prep your subfloor for all types of flooring materials and install a wide range of new flooring products. We are also skilled at installing and finishing new hardwood flooring and evaluating the condition of old hardwood flooring. If the flooring can be refurbished, TRB Carpentry can carefully refinish it for you. We take pride in our work, so you can too. Plus, we offer a one year warranty on the carpentry work we do, along with any product warranties that are available. 

Get a Free Estimate

TRB Carpentry is happy to give you a free estimate on your next custom flooring project. Pricing will very, depending on the specific of each job, so we encourage you to contact us today for a competitively priced quote. You’ll find that we’ll keep you informed, provide you with updates, follow up with you on questions and concerns and check back with you after the job is done, to make sure all is well. 

Our Service Area

From Bangor to Bar Harbor, TRB Carpentry travels to where we’re needed. We provide quality residential construction services to clients throughout Eastern Maine. We offer free estimates too, which it is a great way to find out if that remodeling goal is within your budget. So, when you need us, just give us a call and we’ll be scheduled a time to meet with you. 

Praise From Our Clients

We are grateful and proud to receive such high praise from our customers.